Live session guide

If you are taking part in a live session as a speaker, chairperson, or technical assistant, you must read the instructions below. You will access the session by using the Speaker Portal AND the Conference platform (PheedLoop), while attendees will access it through the Conference platform only.

I am a Chairperson / Symposium coordinator

You will be serving in the role of moderator for your session. Chairs are asked to introduce the topic and the session, introduce the speakers before each presentation and make short comments on previous and incoming presentations. The moderator will also forward attendees’ questions uploaded through the chat during the 5’ Q&A time slot after each presentation and facilitate discussion. We recommend having a few questions for the entire group and individual speakers in case the audience needs time to start engaging.

You are also asked to write a short 1-2 paragraphs executive summary of the session, highlighting the main findings, and send it to on the same date of the session. The organization will circulate a digested version of these summaries aimed at Conference attendants and the public each morning.

The role of the chairperson will be crucial to ensure dynamic fruitful sessions.

Guidelines for Speakers, Chairpersons, and Technical Assistants

You should access both the Speaker Portal (to find the Zoom links for each session and access as a panelist) and the Conference Portal (to access the chat).

Go to the Speaker Portal. If you are a speaker/chairperson/technical assistant, you will receive a link to access the Speaker Portal. This is where you can see all sessions you are associated with and find Zoom links to them. To access them, just click on the Zoom link of your session. There, you will be able to switch on your microphone and video and share your screen.

You should plan to join your session in advance as soon as the previous session is finished.


Please check that you have logged in to Zoom with the same email address where access to the speaker portal was sent. If you would like to use another email address to log in, please contact us.

Go the Conference Portal (PheedLoop), click on ‘Sessions’ and select the one you want to access. WARNING: The PheedLoop portal will recognize you as a speaker of that session and will ask you to join as one. Do not insert the required link on the box (B), as opening two Zoom links is not possible.

Once in the session, you will see attendees’ questions on the right-hand side of the sessions’ screen (A).

Further guidelines (Speakers, Chairpersons, Technical Assistants)

Mute yourself when you are not speaking. Unmute yourself when is your turn (A).

All participants must disable their cameras and micros when the Technical Assistant is sharing the screen. (B)

Share screen (Technical Assistant)

We recommend you select the specific window you want to share instead of sharing the whole desktop (A). Remember to disable your camera and micro and select share computer audio (B).

Make sure you have muted Zoom notifications when sharing screen (you can set up this at settings).


Once the session starts, the Chairperson will be given the role of co-host.
As a co-host, you will be able to manage participants:

  • Mute or unmute panelists
  • Stop panelist's video
  • Ask a panelist to start his/her video
  • Spotlight a video